电竞菠菜的编辑独立研究,测试,并推荐最好的 products; you 可以了解更多电竞菠菜的 审查过程在这里. 电竞菠菜可以收到佣金,从电竞菠菜选择的链接购买.


简单电竞菠菜/图片插图由Chloe Jeong /零售商下面

似乎总是有这么多人在送礼的季节 假期生日 庆祝每一年. 如果你家里有人喜欢厨房和食物, a great gift is out there if you’re willing to put in a little effort to look around. 先想好一个主题或类别,然后再据此挑选礼物. 这个过程将使 买礼物 过程就简单多了. 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift under $50 that will actually get used or one that your loved one will show off every time someone comes over, 然后让电竞菠菜看看一些电竞菠菜尝试过的和真正喜欢的, 再加上美食网明星、HUNGRY平台厨师的一些建议, Tregaye弗雷泽.


去年我收到的最好的礼物是麻袋香料 & 桶.
适合那些喜欢烘焙的人 馅饼 和 饼干, consider this embossed rolling pin.
Great, 易于使用的冰模具夫妇与一个小的家庭酒吧, 为一个家准备一晚上的鸡尾酒.
如果你爱的人刚搬进新家, consider getting them this beautiful kettle.
容易 to use 和 ensures that the least amount of dirt 和 water stay on your produce.
这些床单可以保存所有东西,从饼干到 vegetables from sticking to a baking tray.
A book that shines the light on immigrant women 和 their contribution to food in America. 是的!
This iron can have up to three letters to spell out someone’s name or just their initials.
给咖啡爱好者的好礼物, especially those who enjoy a French press or pour-over coffee in the morning.
Each apron is h和made in California, 而且很容易照顾,所以你知道它会持续一生.

最好的调味品: 粗麻布 & 桶6罐厨师的选择收集

粗麻布-桶-6-Jar-Chef 's-Choice-Collection

粗麻布 & 桶 is a relatively new company that seeks to not only improve how we source our spices but also to produce higher-quality spices so your culinary adventures taste even better. This is all achieved by working directly with farmers 和 foragers around the world. And this 6-jar set is a great gift for anyone who wants to spice up their cooking.

"True story: the best thing I was gifted/bought this past year were spices from 粗麻布 & 桶. These spices are so high-quality 和 pungent 和 add so much to whatever you're cooking. I'm especially smitten with the Black Urfa Chili 和 the Royal Cinnamon—both of which happen to be in this great holiday collection." 爱丽儿克努森,副编辑主任

最佳25美元以下: 糕点制作的老式压花擀面杖


适合那些喜欢烘焙的人 馅饼饼干想想这款波兰Pastrymade的压花擀面杖吧. 大头针上的每一个方块, 由山毛榉材, 有不同的设计, 所以有人可以选择有一个大的设计或几个小的. To keep the design as crisp 和 clean as possible, chill the dough before baking. 

最适合主页栏: Tovolo球形冰模


一个大的冰球是一个完美的节日聚会 牛奶冲 或者其他任何鸡尾酒. It chills the drink while melting slowly, making your drinks less diluted 和 more enjoyable. This two-part ice mold maker comes with a plastic bottom 和 a tight-fitting silicone lid, which made it easy for our tester to transport it from the freezer to the sink.

“伟大的, 易于使用的冰模具夫妇与一个小的家庭酒吧, 为一个家准备一晚上的鸡尾酒." 安迪·克里斯坦森,艺术总监

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最适合新家庭: 黑色+ Decker 1.7升电水壶-白色


如果你爱的人刚搬进新家, 考虑给他们买这个漂亮的百得电水壶. 蜂窝状小家电可容纳1人.7升水,足够喝几杯了 或者一个法式压滤咖啡壶. 另外,它还有一个可拆卸的防垢过滤器. This electric kettle has a really pretty yet subtle pattern that would match most kitchens. 

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素食爱好者的最佳选择: Oxo好握把小沙拉和香草纺锤


后之类的东西 生菜, 草本植物, 羽衣甘蓝, 你想要真正干的东西都已经洗过了, give them a whirl—with a press of a knob—in this salad 和 herb spinner by OXO Good Grips. 的转轮, 哪个有3夸脱的容量, is easy to use 和 ensures that the least amount of dirt 和 water stay on your produce so they stay 新鲜在冰箱里 更长时间. 另外,它还有漏勺的作用.

最好在10美元: 100张烤盘纸8 × 12英寸


If there’s someone on your list who absolutely loves cooking but hates scrubbing pans afterward, 预切羊皮纸是一个很好的礼物低于10美元. 这些床单可以保存所有东西,从饼干到 烤蔬菜 from sticking to a baking tray 和 make cleanup super easy since there’s no scrubbing 和 scraping off bits of food. 

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最佳电竞菠菜: 味觉创造者:在美国改变食物的七个移民妇女


作者是获奖记者Mayukh Sen, 《电竞买菠菜》探索了7位女性——赵杨不为的旅程, 埃琳娜Zelayeta, 玛德琳Kamman, 玛塞拉领唱者, 朱莉·萨尼, Najmieh Batmanglij, 诺尔玛·雪莉——她们在美国烹饪中留下了不可磨灭的印记. This is a fascinating read for fans of American history, American culture, 和, of course, food.

"A book that shines the light on immigrant women 和 their contribution to food in America. 是的!" Myo奎因编辑

最适合烧烤大师: 斯隆品牌个性化的三个字母微型牛排品牌熨斗


Personalized gifts are a fun idea for the person who has everything, 和 when that person is a 烧烤大师, a fun idea is a s茶k-br和ing iron, like this customizable one by Sloan Br和s. This iron can have up to three letters to spell out someone’s name or just their initials. 品牌字母为1.25英寸高,三个字母都是2.5英寸宽. Your 烧烤大师 will be walking around the kitchen or outside, br和ing everything from 牛排 to 烤鸡 这个礼物. 

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咖啡爱好者的最佳选择: Capresso Cool Grind Pro Blade Coffee Grinder


咖啡研磨机是一个很好的礼物 咖啡爱好者, especially those who enjoy a French press or pour-over coffee in the morning. This coffee grinder has a stainless steel blade 和 pulsing action to get a custom grind, 从粗到中, 然而对于, 有人喜欢喝咖啡. Plus, it has a clear lid 和 can accommodate enough grounds for about 15 cups of coffee.

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最好的设计: BlueCut线围裙


“有一个漂亮的厨房工具却不能用是没有意义的. 实用总是更好的,”Tregaye弗雷泽说. 幸运的是, this well-designed apron is both of those things: a kitchen must-have 和 a practical gift to give. The BlueCut line apron has multiple pockets (including two lap pockets 和 a two-slot pen/温度计 口袋)放上某人可能需要做电竞菠菜的任何东西, 还有40英寸长的腰带,所以几乎每个人都能穿. 每个蓝裁围裙都是在加州手工制作的, 而且很容易照顾,所以你知道它会持续一生. 

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最适合孩子们: 小厨房助手刀集


“For children, a junior chef knife kit is awesome,” says Food Network's Tregaye弗雷泽. “孩子们可以在厨房里培养他们的技能和信心. The parent has peace of mind knowing that the utensils are relatively safe 和 not too sharp for the child,”她补充道.

这就是小厨房助手刀架的作用所在. 当孩子们准备好从帮助搅拌跳跃 打者 真正使用锋利的厨房工具,如刀和削皮器, 给他们这个工具包, 它的头是圆的 厨师的刀, a y形的蔬菜去皮机还有一个手指护套. Parents can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that kids can definitely help in the kitchen, 但削减也是可以避免的. 

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葡萄酒爱好者的最佳选择: VoChill个人酒杯冷冻机


每个葡萄酒爱好者都需要一个私人葡萄酒 像VoChill的这个玻璃冷却器. The elevated chiller rests a 酒 glass inside a frozen cradle to keep it just the right temperature for over an hour (和 for more than 45 minutes in the hot, 在户外阴影). VoChill Personal can be used with multiple types of glasses, as long as they have a stem. 冷水机有多种颜色:腮红、石英、沙子和石头.

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最好的电竞菠菜,亚军: 每日娱乐:110+电竞菠菜全力以赴当你呆在家里


书架上最好的一本新烹饪书同时也是一本 娱乐指南 邀请朋友和家人过来. The Everyday Entertaining cookbook has more than 110 recipes, including a scrumptious green 智利queso 配方和新鲜的血橙 玛格丽特. You’ll find recipes for everything from appetizers to dessert to brunch staples. The book is great for friends who love entertaining or those looking to add something fun to their cookbook shelf. 



“当你在考虑为所爱的人买一份厨房礼物时, 你应该想想这个人喜欢做什么菜, 但最重要的是, 他们在厨房的技术水平,弗雷泽说:“. She also mentions that anything that helps someone cut down prep time 和 get to the table faster is ideal, 就像一个 食品加工机 或沙拉转轮. 


梅根·杜波依斯 是简单电竞菠菜的厨房和生活方式专家. 在她的职业生涯中,她测试了无数的产品, 从tiktok著名的小玩意到厨师认可的刀架. 为这篇文章选择最好的产品, 她咨询产品评论, 采访了一位专家, 并考虑每个产品的设计, 功能, 和价格,为消费者做出明智的选择.

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