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简单电竞菠菜在这里帮助你烹饪美味的食物更少的压力和更多的乐趣. We offer recipes and cooking advice for home cooks, by home cooks. Helping create “kitchen wins” is what we’re all about.

simple 电竞菠菜由伊莉斯·鲍尔创建于2003年,是一个家庭烹饪博客,记录她最喜欢的家庭电竞菠菜. 今天, 简单电竞菠菜已经成长为一个值得信赖的资源为家庭厨师超过3,000 tested recipes, 指南, and meal plans, drawing over 15 million readers each month from around the world. We’re supported by a diverse group of recipe 开发人员s, 美食作家, recipe and product testers, photographers, and other creative professionals.


伊莉斯·鲍尔(伊莉斯·鲍尔)是硅谷一名忙碌的高管,2001年她患了一场无法治愈的流感. In 2003, 伊莉斯搬回家和父母一起住了几年, 从慢性疲劳中恢复过来,并在《简单电竞菠菜》上记录了她父母的烹饪. (Here’s more of that story.)这些年来,这个最初只是个小博客的网站每月都有数百万的读者! 2020年,Simply 电竞菠菜被总部位于纽约的媒体公司Dotdash收购.

Recipe Development & 测试

Our recipes primarily use fresh, 未经加工的原料,但电竞菠菜也相信罐头是有时间和地点的, 冻, and other prepared ingredients. 电竞菠菜相信饮食包括各种食物:真正的黄油和奶油, extra virgin olive oil, 鸡蛋, lots of fruits and vegetables, and protein from meat, 鱼, 豆子, 和奶酪. Plus cake for dessert.


First, does it work? 电竞菠菜需要易于遵循,并且每次都提供可靠的结果.

Second, is it delicious? Does the dish make us smile inside and out? Do we want to eat the whole batch by ourselves? 

Third, is it worth the effort? Do we want to make it again (and again and again)?

To make sure each of these standards is met, 电竞菠菜首先与专业的菜谱开发人员合作——这些人不仅拥有丰富的经验和知识,可以在自己的厨房里开发出好的菜谱, but to make sure that recipe works in yours. 接下来,电竞菠菜彻底审查和编辑内部的每一个电竞菠菜一行一行. 最后, 每个新电竞菠菜都是由电竞菠菜的电竞菠菜测试团队在家庭厨房使用相同的锅进行测试, 锅, and 工具 that you use in yours. Only after all this is the recipe shared on Simply 电竞菠菜.

Have feedback for us? We’d love to hear from you! Please contact the team at contact@total-coffee.com.

多样性 & 包容

Everyone is welcome at the Simply 电竞菠菜 table: people of all races, 宗教, 性别, sexual orientations, 年龄, 背景, and abilities. We strive to be a resource for every home cook, 电竞菠菜有意识地让网站的每个部分都能感受到这种包容, from the individuals we hire to the recipes we share.

We’re not perfect, but we hope to get more right than we get wrong. 以下是simple 电竞菠菜网站对2021年反种族主义承诺的总结. 读 the full text 在这里:

  • 在2021年6月之前,与独立评审员团队对电竞菠菜整个图书馆进行反偏见审查, 并计划对审查期间发现的任何文章进行补救.
  • Establish clear processes for identifying, 报告, 并解决内容中的偏见和文化挪用问题.
  • Increase the diversity of our full-time and part-time teams.
  • 每月至少投入电竞菠菜编辑预算的30%来制作涵盖世界各地美食的内容.
  • 到2021年底,至少30%的新菜谱视频将代表有色人种.
  • By the end of 2021, 在电竞菠菜每月的收购和Instagram上的烹饪演示中,至少有25%将使用BIPOC.
  • By the end of 2021, 电竞菠菜承诺与一个非营利组织建立合作关系,与电竞菠菜在食品领域对抗偏见的承诺一致.

Procedure for Reporting a Concern

If you have concerns about cultural appropriation, 偏见, or insensitivity in any of our articles, please let us know via contact@total-coffee.com. 您所关心的问题将由电竞菠菜的编辑团队和反偏见审查委员会的一名成员进行审查. Once the best course of action is determined, 电竞菠菜给你的电子邮件发送一个回复,让你知道这件事是如何处理的.


We review and approve every comment left on the site, and generally respond to questions within 1 to 3 days. 当你留下评论时,电竞菠菜希望你把简单电竞菠菜当成电竞菠菜的家. Constructive feedback is always welcome, 但粗鲁, 的意思是, disrespectful, or spammy comments are not welcome and will not be approved.

Product Reviews

电竞菠菜的产品评论和建议是独立的,并基于广泛的研究和产品测试. 如果您访问链接在电竞菠菜的内容,电竞菠菜可能收到佣金从您的购买.

Learn more about our review process 在这里.

Meet the Team

Elspeth Velten

Elspeth is the General Manager of Simply 电竞菠菜 and Serious Eats. Previously she was the 编辑器ial Director of Dotdash's Beauty & 风格集团. 之前, 埃尔斯佩思是TripSavvy网站的创始编辑,曾在旅游界待过一段时间, Dotdash’s travel brand, and editor at Luxury Escapes, an Australian eCommerce site based in Melbourne.

Elspeth's 写作 has appeared in the New York Times, Architectural Digest, 时尚, 《电竞菠菜》, and International and Australian Traveller. 她在很多她喜欢的文章中都提到了食物,包括关于 NYC restaurants turning into markets,她的 personal journey with sourdough, challenges of sustainable 鱼eries in Baja California Sur, Mexico. 埃尔斯佩思毕业于福特汉姆大学(Fordham University),获得传播与新闻学学位.

Elspeth Velten
General Manager
Emma Christensen headshot

艾玛有超过10年为网络和印刷制作食物和烹饪内容的经验,在印刷出版行业又有5年的经验. 2016年,她以执行编辑的身份加入了Simply 电竞菠菜团队,后来成为总编辑. She is the former Recipe 编辑器 for Kitchn. In her career, she has been an editor, 一个作家, a recipe 开发人员, a photographer, and a video producer.

Emma is the author of three books on home-brewing: True Brews, Brew Better Beer, and Modern Cider, and collaborated on the James Beard award-winning The Kitchn Cookbook. 她的电竞菠菜和文章发表在《电竞菠菜》、《电竞买菠菜》、《电竞菠菜》等杂志上.

Emma Christensen
编辑器 in Chief
Summer Miller

Summer有20年的出版经验,在所有的媒体平台上工作:杂志, 报纸, 和数字. 在过去的12年里,她一直专注于食品媒体,在那里她是一名电竞菠菜开发者, recipe tester, food journalist, 散文家, cookbook author, and public speaker. Her work has appeared in Eating Well, Saveur, Bon Appétit, Grit, and Edible Communities publications among others. Summer在2017年加入了simple 电竞菠菜,在那里她是一名电竞菠菜测试员, 开发人员, associate editor and senior editor for the organization.

在她的职业生涯中,她赢得了特写写作和社交媒体活动的多个奖项. 2016年,她的新书《电竞菠菜》(New Prairie Kitchen)获得了内布拉斯加州非小说类图书奖,Epicurious将其列为一本“必读”烹饪书. She currently serves on the Advisory Council for the Saving Grace Perishable Food Rescue, and volunteers as a host for Home Dish refugee dinners.

Summer Miller
Senior 编辑器, 电竞菠菜

坎布里亚花了10年的时间帮助人们在厨房和家里感到自信. Before joining Simply 电竞菠菜 in 2019, 她是《电竞菠菜》的长期编辑和作家. As the founding Design and Lifestyle 编辑器 for Kitchn, she directed all kitchen 设计, 商务, and lifestyle content.

An experienced editor and avid researcher, 多年来,她在饮食和生活方式领域指导了数十位作家和摄影师,并与他们合作, and has also written hundreds of articles on kitchen tips, 工具, 趋势, 和设计.

Senior 编辑器, Education
Andy Christensen

Andy is the 艺术总监 for Simply 电竞菠菜. Before joining Simply 电竞菠菜, he served as Senior 艺术总监 at Fantasy Flight Games, and previously Managing 艺术总监. 他在Nomad出版社/Nomad Communications担任市场助理, as well as illustrated several of their educational children’s books. 当安迪在桑给巴尔餐厅和酒吧做一线厨师时,他发现了自己对食物和烹饪的热爱, 在那里,他们从世界各地的风味中获得灵感,创造菜肴.

Andy擅长利用摄影用视觉艺术来传达故事和情感, illustration, 设计, 和更多的. He graduated with an MFA from The Center for Cartoon Studies, 并在威斯康星大学斯托特分校获得工作室艺术学士学位,辅修哲学.

Andy enjoys most anything that involves a good story, and is passionate about creating art in many forms. He lives in Minneapolis, MN with his wife and two kids.

Andy Christensen
Milagros Cruz

米拉格罗斯自2015年以来一直在写作、编辑和开发电竞菠菜和内容. 在加入“简单电竞菠菜”团队之前,她在布鲁克林的“Dynamite Shop”教孩子们烹饪课程,她在那里教7-14岁的孩子们一系列不同的课程主题——自制意大利面, 烘焙, 晚餐俱乐部, 和更多的. 她喜欢和这个年龄段的人一起工作,因为这让她能够以她从未想象过的方式去思考食物.

Milagros还与印刷和数字品牌以及餐盒配送服务合作. HelloFresh, Food Network Magazine, The Latin Kitchen, 《电竞菠菜》(She Knows Media)和《电竞菠菜》(Time Out New York)都是她写作的地方, 编辑, and developed content for.

她对所有与食物有关的东西都有热情——你总能在看烹饪节目时发现她的身影, making a new recipe or just showing someone new the joys of cooking. 

Milagros Cruz

Myo trained under James Beard Award winner, Chef Michael Anthony, while working at his Michelin-starred restaurant, Gramercy Tavern. 她的电竞菠菜, 写作, and food styling can be found on Food Network, 可口, Food52, Good Housekeeping Institute, and LIVEKINDLY. She collaborated on the cookbook, 可口 Vegan 晚餐s, production of Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America, Worst Bakers in America, Valerie’s Home Cooking, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, and Girl Meets Farm. She hosted cooking lessons on Food Network Kitchen’s app.

When Myo became a mom to three boys, 她的厨艺转向了她作为一个韩裔巴拉圭人长大时吃的同样一餐——值得准备、营养丰富的菜肴.


伊莉斯·鲍尔 is the founder of Simply电竞菠菜.com. A blogging pioneer, Elise在2003年首次创建了简单电竞菠菜,以便跟踪她的家庭电竞菠菜, 多年来,它成长为世界上最受欢迎的烹饪网站之一. Whether sharing recipes, explaining cooking techniques, or mentoring fellow bloggers, Elise at heart is an educator, and believes that by generously sharing what we know, everyone benefits.

在进入食品行业之前,她在硅谷做了17年的营销主管, with Internet startups as well companies such as Apple and Symantec.

Eric Handelsman

Eric is the senior vice president of Dotdash's Food + Drink group. Before joining Dotdash in 2013, Eric spent 10 years working in lifestyle media at Condé Nast, 在那里他领导了包括Epicurious在内的多个品牌的运营和财务, 美食,新娘.com.

之前 to Conde Nast, he worked in the business department at the New York Press, as well as in commercial and TV production.

Eric is an avid home cook and lover of all things food-related. 虽然他没有接受过专业的厨师培训,但他参加了几十个休闲烹饪课程. 他目前对食物的痴迷是完善他的酸面包,以得到完美的轻而轻盈的面包屑,以及深色酥脆的外壳.

Eric Handelsman
Senior Vice President, Dotdash Food + Drink

艾莉森是Dotdash Food + Drink的副产品总监,于2018年加入该公司.

在加入Dotdash之前,艾莉森在My电竞菠菜担任产品经理.com and CookingLight.com.

She first began her career in product management at Time Inc. in the lifestyle media group working on Health.com.

She studied at Lehigh University, graduating with a B.A. in journalism and global studies.

Associate Product Director, Dotdash Food + Drink

尼克领导简单电竞菠菜和Dotdash食品+饮料组的设计. 他于2016年加入Dotdash,自那以后在公司担任了多个职务.

他从平面设计开始,大约10年前转向数字化设计. Nick专注于设计既有趣又易用的体验. He received a BA from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. 他最近搬到查尔斯顿,SC,当不工作时,你通常可以在花园里找到他. 

Nick loves to try new things in the kitchen, 几年前,他试图为他的大家庭做一只圣诞鹅,但这完全是一场灾难, it was a good learning experience.

Associate Design Director, Dotdash Food + Drink

About Dotdash

Dotdash充满活力的品牌每月帮助超过1亿用户寻找答案, solve problems, and get inspired. Dotdash is among the largest and fastest growing publishers online, and has won over 80 awards in the last year alone, including Digiday's 2020 Publisher of the Year. Dotdash brands include Verywell, Investopedia, 平衡, 的云杉, Simply 电竞菠菜, Serious Eats, Byrdie, 新娘, MyDomaine, Lifewire, TripSavvy, 酒.com, TreeHugger and Thoughtco.

Here is an overview of our properties:

Verywell: The Verywell family of brands, including Verywell Health, Verywell适合, Verywell Family, and Verywell Mind, 采用人类的方法来处理健康和健康内容,是超临床健康网站的一个受欢迎的替代选择. 每月有超过3800万人使用Verywell网站来感觉更好、更健康.

Investopedia: Investopedia helps investors understand financial concepts, improve investing skills, and learn how to manage their money. Investopedia reaches over 20 million people each month.

平衡: 平衡 family of brands, including 平衡, 平衡 职业生涯, and 平衡 Small Business, deliver clear, 实用, 每个月为超过1700万人提供直接的个人理财建议.

云杉: 的云杉 family of brands, including 的云杉, 的云杉 Eats, 的云杉 Pets, 和云杉工艺品结合了灵感和如何建议,帮助用户创建他们喜欢的家. 总的来说,云杉基地每个月接近4000万人.

Simply 电竞菠菜: Simply 电竞菠菜, one of the original food blogs, helps 9.700万人每个月都能轻松地享用美味的食物,为他们自己和家人.

Serious Eats: Serious Eats提供值得信赖的电竞菠菜,严格测试的技术,和食品科学超过4.4 million hungry readers each month. 

Byrdie: Byrdie is dedicated to all things beauty, inside and out. From hair and makeup to health and wellness, Byrdie takes a fresh, no-nonsense approach to feeling and looking your best. Byrdie reaches 10.5 million people each month.

新娘: 新娘 inspires and 指南 4.每月有600万用户,他们从订婚前到蜜月期间都在做决定. 新娘承诺给你一个包容性的看婚礼的世界, with every type of couple, every type of wedding, and every type of celebration.

MyDomaine: MyDomaine通过精心策划的家居设计灵感,让人们过上了梦寐以求的生活——而且价格实惠, quick and fresh recipes, and healthy relationship advice that awaken a life well lived. MyDomaine reaches nearly two million people each month.

Lifewire: Lifewire提供有用的、可操作的技术提示、建议和答案,没有令人困惑的行话. Lifewire helps 5.7 million people each month get the most out of their technology.

TripSavvy: TripSavvy为家庭和度假旅行者提供精心策划的专家建议. 电竞菠菜帮助3.8 million people each month have the best travel experiences.

酒.com: 酒.com is dedicated to good drinking and great living. We inspire, entertain and educate 3.每个月有七百万的人对玻璃里面和外面发生了什么感兴趣.

抱树狂(译者按: Treehugger is the only modern sustainability site that offers advice, 清晰, and inspiration for both the eco-savvy and the green living novice. 用2.6 million monthly users, Treehugger是世界上最大的信息网站之一,致力于推动可持续发展的主流.

Thoughtco: ThoughtCo is one of the largest and most comprehensive learning, 信息, and education sites online. ThoughtCo helps 6.4 million people a month become lifelong learners.

Source: Comscore, March 2021 US

Dotdash Press

about Dotdash and our family of brands in the news.

Meet Our Senior Management Team

Learn more about the team behind Dotdash 在这里.


Have something you’d like to let us know? 无论你对电竞菠菜或想法有什么意见要分享,电竞菠菜都很乐意听到你的意见: contact@total-coffee.com.

For press inquiries, email us at contact@total-coffee.com.

如果您是为了Upwork或其他招聘网站的招聘信息电竞菠菜,请注意在简单菜谱和Dotdash提供机会的欺骗性招聘人员. 请注意,任何与simple 电竞菠菜或Dotdash招聘团队成员的通信都将来自@dotdash.com or @total-coffee.com电子邮件地址,或者通过Dotdash的企业账户通过Upwork消息传递平台. 如果你正在讨论一个工作机会,并希望确认它的有效性, please reach out directly to security@dotdash.com.

For valid work opportunities with our site, please see below.


Join our team of top-notch editors, 设计师, 市场营销人员, 电竞菠菜每天都在为《简单电竞菠菜》的读者们的生活带来改变.

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电竞菠菜总是在寻找新的专家声音加入电竞菠菜的配方开发和作者团队. 请提交三个你的出版作品的例子(印刷或在线)和一份简要的简历 write@total-coffee.com.

  • 电竞菠菜接受电竞菠菜、操作方法、技巧和技术驱动的帖子.
  • 电竞菠菜不接受旅游写作、餐馆评论或外出就餐的报道.
  • Please review our site before pitching us.

Please note that we do not accept unsolicited guest posts or articles.

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简单菜谱通过规模的组合为广告商提供了最高的价值, 信誉, 和意图. Interested in advertising with us? 电子邮件电竞菠菜 advertise@dotdash.com or check out our media kit to learn more.